Sunday, October 01, 2006

Move to Beta --Announced.

After having many errors in html code of my blog --it causes home page loaded abnormally in Konqueror, IE, and Maxthon (I haven't tried it in any browser of Mac OS X yet). But runs well in Mozilla Browsers (included Firefox and SeaMonkey)-- i tried to move to another (newer?) blog, Blogger-Beta. Yes! When i customized it, (always) made me surprise (it still has errors, but load normally in all browsers mentioned above)! :D .

Even I have decided to move my writing activities to my Blogger-Beta, I'll always accept any help to fix this code problem (I really thank you very much! You're my savier!).

May be it's time to leave this old Weblog... Thank You Blogger for giving me (and still) very much useful things, practicing me how to make a good writing, good attitude in communicating to the other, and have showed me how documentation is very important things for human beings. Surely, I'll never forget my friends who always help me to write regularly in this blog, You're all my best friends! :) . So if you want to find me, you'll get me in:

And now... time to write in my new Blog! See You there... :D