Thursday, March 16, 2006


Luckily, I'm living around people who make something useful to the others and always do in the right way - I remember Mr. Richard Stallman (The Free Software Foundation) spoke in ITB last year: I just want to see this world so beautifull because of me... - Wonderfull, thanks God.

I took some new banners to put them on my blog (since) yesterday. Big thanks to Mr. Loki and Bpk. JAF who (each) made some good suse and "jangan asal copy-paste" banners.

Maybe, some banners will annoy us in consumming our Internet bandwith, but some of them give us more important knowledges; like "jangan asal copy-paste" banner, it tells us about how we appreciate the product made by someone (it can be articles, writings, aplication softwares, hardwares or etc.).

Good habitual, appreciate someone who have showed us a beauty and meaningfull world.. :)


Anonymous mas gugun said...

salam kenal

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