Friday, February 03, 2006

The Owner

This is my first time creating my own blog. Nice.., cute.., and it surprised me very much on using this easy - to use web site application; and you know it's free to create your thought here. I'd like to thank to Developers, Community, and everyone who have created, built and made this stuff works useful perfectly.. undoughtly I'm in love on it. Thank you very much people...

This thought starts with "listener sensing" process and in next some periode of time "watcher sensing" comes to complete this "mind gathering". These two capabilities brings us many useful to show one thing: The Real - Great Owner of all things in this world asked you to use those sensing and the "other sensing" fully useful for you and people around you along this life..

The fastest thing in the world is time. Time againts, fights and lies to us..

Something has the beginning has the end. START will come to END.. People who guide their lives fully useful not just for their selves but also the others will find happiness after the end. Touch it, feel it.. Make them remember how lucky there are owned by you.. :)


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